Does Your Handbag Need a Raincoat?


There's nothing more annoying than getting caught in the rain while your out of town. I was in NYC yesterday and of course it starts to rain. My girlfriend and I are using our best bags that actually came with raincoats that we don't have with us. There was this sinking feeling OMG there go our bags! We darted into the first store we saw, and they were kind enough to give us … [Read more...]

Loro Piana’s Most Versatile Accessory in White Cashmere


There's nothing more gorgeous and truly timeless than Loro Piana's white Cashmere Fringe-Trim Opera Stole. Could have just used this on my recent vacay in Nantucket. While the days were hot and sunny, the nights were a tad chilly, and this would have been the perfect accent piece for all my casual evening outfits. This stunning piece is approximately 79"L x 28"W, the perfect … [Read more...]

Summer’s Must-Have but Do Not Disturb!


To say we love this floppy hat is putting it mildly! The floppy straw hat with the wide brim is fabulous...totally stylish, unbelievable detailing and keeps the face hidden from those harmful rays known as "the sun". The hat combines glamour, sophistication and purpose. If you follow my Instagram feed, you'll see this hat has been plastered amongst my insta photos. Floppy hats … [Read more...]

Shop The Latest “IN” Beach Bag


Carrying the right beach bag is almost as important as carrying the right handbag. Some have even reached handbag price status. Just for fun, we're sharing Dolce & Gabbana's Coffa Kendra straw and fur beach bag that is currently sold out but retails for over $2000. Cute beach bag! Does that look like two thousand dollars worth of straw? Although it IS detailed with orange … [Read more...]

Bear With Us & Moschino!


Leave it to Moschino to design the cutest IPHONE 6 case and just in time for Mother's Day! What an adorable cover for your phone. Who doesn't love the teddy bear motif! It's sure to make you smile every time you whip out your phone.The best is you'll always be able to find your phone in your bag. I have a black case on my phone, and it's tough to find it in my black handbag. (I … [Read more...]

Casual Luxe from Jennifer Meyer Jewelry


Have you thought about what to get your mom/wife/girlfriend/daughter/sister/aunt for mother's day? My kids and hubby know I'm more than thrilled with anything from Jennifer Meyer. I've shared some of my collection with her (JM) on Instagram.What I love about her pieces....they're so easy to wear, super casual, simple details that make a subtle statement and can be layered with … [Read more...]

Shop Karen Walker’s Out & About Sunglasses on AFGG


.We've been blogging about Karen Walker sunglasses for a while, and the reason is we're obsessed with Karen Walker Eyewear. Walker launched her eye-catching sunglasses in 2006. Her collection of oversized acetate frames is ultra cool. Each pair of sunglasses feature an edgy take on a traditional style. In today's age where no one wants wrinkled eyes...sunglasses are a … [Read more...]

Comme des Garcons Super-Fun Fluorescent Zip-Around Wallets


There are many times I prefer to carry around a wallet rather than a handbag. When I'm running errands or going to the gym (ha ha) I love "not" toting around a cumbersome bag. It's so much easier carrying a zip-around wallet that holds all my immediate cards, licence, cash and coins. My pick for this season is Comme des Garcons' zipped continental (long) … [Read more...]

Carole Shashona’s Collection of Trinket-Rich Bracelets


Carole Shashona’s collection of trinket-rich bracelets is fun and funky -- much like The Knack’s hit song (of similar name) “My Sharona.” Today, we're going to explore three choice treasures from Carol Shashona’s catalogue: The black diamond and camel bone Empower Bracelet; The tiger’s eye and black diamond Goddess Diana bracelet; Last, but certainly not least, the … [Read more...]