Comme des Garcons Super-Fun Fluorescent Zip-Around Wallets


There are many times I prefer to carry around a wallet rather than a handbag. When I'm running errands or going to the gym (ha ha) I love "not" toting around a cumbersome bag. It's so much easier carrying a zip-around wallet that holds all my immediate cards, licence, cash and coins. My pick for this season is Comme des Garcons' zipped continental (long) … [Read more...]

Carole Shashona’s Collection of Trinket-Rich Bracelets


Carole Shashona’s collection of trinket-rich bracelets is fun and funky -- much like The Knack’s hit song (of similar name) “My Sharona.” Today, we're going to explore three choice treasures from Carol Shashona’s catalogue: The black diamond and camel bone Empower Bracelet; The tiger’s eye and black diamond Goddess Diana bracelet; Last, but certainly not least, the … [Read more...]

Rachel Brown’s Kabbalah Inspired Jewelry Collection


I just had the pleasure of chatting with Rachel Brown and learning about her handcrafted jewelry. Rachel's artisan pieces share a common theme although many of them are uniquely different. They carry a message that Brown will detail in our interview. Each piece is fascinating, creatively stylish and captures a symbolic meaning and a sense of harmony. We're excited to share … [Read more...]

Mix & Match Erimish’s Versatile Beaded Bracelets!


My mantra....the more the merrier especially when it comes to jewelry. (definitely not pounds!!!! ) That's why I love wearing stacks of beaded bracelets on my wrist. Beaded bracelets are the best wardrobe staples. They're easy to wear and totally cool. You can never get "too wristy" with a stunning stack of beaded bracelets. You can wear two, three, or four. For an even … [Read more...]

MMM x 4 Rings=Ultra-Cool


Maison Martin Margiela is known for being an ultra-cool, fashion-forward designer. We're totally in awe of MMM's edgy collection of (set of four) Cuff Rings. MMM continues to entice us with non-conventional unique, designs. Wearing multiple rings on different fingers is the latest jewelry rage. Margiela's set of four open-band ring cuffs of polished goldtone brass, feature a … [Read more...]

A Perfect Tip Of The Hat


I maybe dreaming about wearing this hat anytime soon. If you live in the Northeast (like I do), it's hard to believe there maybe be a spring or summer on the horizon. It hasn't stopped snowing, and more is on the way. Anyway...I can still shop and so can you right here. I'm loving these stunning woven straw Panama style hats (perfect neutral shades) from Maison Michel. … [Read more...]

L.G.R. Eyewear…It’s All In The Lenses


For me, sunglasses are not seasonal. I wear sunglasses every day with a strong prescription otherwise I can't see. I'm always on the hunt for cool, edgy and different eyewear. I've definitely amassed quite the eyewear collection, but now I'm looking for something really unusual. "EYE" spotted L.G.R. sunglasses that combine comfort, detail, quality, and uniqueness. They're … [Read more...]

“Be Mine” with Jennifer Meyer Valentine’s Day Necklaces!


There's still time to buy that "special " Valentine in your life a delicate piece of Jennifer Meyer jewelry. We've selected a few of our JM faves for Valentine's Day. We live in our circular gold initial pavé Diamond "B" with Meyer's fabulous 18K gold Buddha necklace. (never take them off) What we love about Meyer's simply elegant necklaces is...they're casual and can be worn … [Read more...]

Stay Warm with Chunky Knit Eugenia Kim Beanies


I know I'm supposed to be writing about spring clothes and accessories...but if you live in the Northeast (like I do) it's impossible to do so. It's freezing, and it's snowing today again. Have no clue what's up with all these dipping temperatures and white flakes. That brings me to Eugenia Kim's whimsical cat ear-inspired and pom pom beanies. First-hand knowledge...they're … [Read more...]