Is Isable Marant Going Caveman Chic or Bathroom Rug Style?


  Honestly...I love Isabel Marant, and I know she's now "designer extraordinaire" but I don't know how she gets away with certain pieces. The minute I saw this shaggy-raggy tiered fringe vest...I thought, give me a break. This is for a caveman. Who would actually wear this? In my opinion, designers always push the envelope as far as they can. While I love the sandals … [Read more...]

The BIG Spring Sale on Shopbop


One of our favorite online retailers is having an amazing shopping event! We're so excited to share this incredible BIG Spring Sale with our readers. You won't want to miss four fabulous shopping days! Shop the BIG Spring Sale starting today. The more you shop...the more you save! Here are the details:You save 15% with purchase over $250You save 20% with purchase over … [Read more...]

The Row’s Versatile Hands-Free Crossbody Bag


While I don't think, this is necessarily the most gorgeous black calfskin bag to come down the pike it's a style everyone can use. The Row's multi-pouch shoulder bag is simple with its sleek design, easy to wear, well made and leaves you hands-free. I've finally realized a crossbody bag definitely makes life easier. (chatting on the cell phone is a breeze) I can't rave over the … [Read more...]

Mix & Match Erimish’s Versatile Beaded Bracelets!


My mantra....the more the merrier especially when it comes to jewelry. (definitely not pounds!!!! ) That's why I love wearing stacks of beaded bracelets on my wrist. Beaded bracelets are the best wardrobe staples. They're easy to wear and totally cool. You can never get "too wristy" with a stunning stack of beaded bracelets. You can wear two, three, or four. For an even … [Read more...]

MMM x 4 Rings=Ultra-Cool


Maison Martin Margiela is known for being an ultra-cool, fashion-forward designer. We're totally in awe of MMM's edgy collection of (set of four) Cuff Rings. MMM continues to entice us with non-conventional unique, designs. Wearing multiple rings on different fingers is the latest jewelry rage. Margiela's set of four open-band ring cuffs of polished goldtone brass, feature a … [Read more...]

Tarantula-Inspired Clutch Is the Rage!


Is the sexy chic "tarantula" this season's new "skull and crossbones" design? Personally we're tired of the over-used "skull" motif on everything from gloves and scarves to clasps on alligator clutches. Corto Moltedo's black lambskin metal frame bag with the detailed gold-tone tarantula and clasp is this season's must-have clutch. This whimsical gold-tone tarantula looks like a … [Read more...]

Curling & Twirling for That Desired Beachy Look


  I've probably just come across the best-kept secret in the world of curling irons. The Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Complete Curling Iron is about the best I've ever used. I recently bought three curling irons...none of them doing the trick. My hair looked worse...either too curly or too straight. My desired look was the latest hair trend...the loose beachy waves as … [Read more...]

A Perfect Tip Of The Hat


I maybe dreaming about wearing this hat anytime soon. If you live in the Northeast (like I do), it's hard to believe there maybe be a spring or summer on the horizon. It hasn't stopped snowing, and more is on the way. Anyway...I can still shop and so can you right here. I'm loving these stunning woven straw Panama style hats (perfect neutral shades) from Maison Michel. … [Read more...]

L.G.R. Eyewear…It’s All In The Lenses


For me, sunglasses are not seasonal. I wear sunglasses every day with a strong prescription otherwise I can't see. I'm always on the hunt for cool, edgy and different eyewear. I've definitely amassed quite the eyewear collection, but now I'm looking for something really unusual. "EYE" spotted L.G.R. sunglasses that combine comfort, detail, quality, and uniqueness. They're … [Read more...]

How Much Jewelry Should The Bride Wear? To Veil or Not To Veil? Sneakers or Heels? Check Out The Latest Bridal Trends!

wedding dresses

A Few Goody Gumdrops recently interviewed fashion expert, Regina Wootan, Store Manager of David’s Bridal in Natick, Ma. (a brand dedicated to brides) This year has been a "big" wedding year for us, having one this past summer and one this upcoming fall. We're in full wedding mode with so many burning questions. We couldn't wait to interview Regina. We're excited to hear about … [Read more...]