If You Love Barneys Like You Say You Do…


...then here's the perfect cream cotton tote to cart all your essentials (and then some) around town. This isn't  just any canvas tote...look real closely at the graphics. If you're a Jennifer Meyer "wearer" like I am then you'll recognize the necklace detailing on the front of the tote in metallic gold..."IHEARTJ.MEYER" graphic and at the back with "IHEARTBARNEYS". Two great … [Read more...]

RAILS x DSquared2 Denim=Effortless “Normcore” So Roll Up Those Sleeves!


Comfy flannel tops are the best example of easy "normcore" style. Normcore is the "new normal" of dressing. Really no different than WE'VE been dressing for years. Just "breathing new life" into an already existing style of dressing and new term for the fashion industry. It's basically comfy and casual pieces...lightweight flannel shirts with ripped or patched jeans. I'm all … [Read more...]

Dannijo’s Traffic Stopping Earrings


Are you ready to be the center of attention? If these earrings don't turn heads...then nothing will! We know you'll be irresistible wearing these spectacular chandelier earrings and they won't break the bank. When it comes to partayyyyy earrings....my motto...the bigger the better. Typically, that's hard to do with the price of diamond and gold hanging earrings. Thankfully, you … [Read more...]

Feeling Blue? Paint the Town Red with Christian Louboutin’s Red Rouge Nail Polish!


I'm so ready to give up the bright chartreuse nail polish I've been wearing all summer. Ordered and waiting for "fabulousness" in a bottle to arrive at my door. (love using my made-up word) Now you can shop Christian Louboutin's Red Rouge Nail Polish on A Few Goody Gumdrops. Click the red links to indulge "the same red" color we've come to love and adore on the soles of our … [Read more...]

Super Versatile Balmain Gold-Tone Cuff = Gorgeousness!


All you need on your wrist is one large statement cuff. Balmain's large gold-tone stacked coil cuff fits the bill and then some! My favorite expression when I love something..."It's BEYOND".  File this one under #gorgeousness #need #order #ASAP. This stunning design features hinged construction with a magnetic closure and is approximately 3.25" diameter and 2.25" width. It's … [Read more...]

Rag & Bone x Buffalo Plaid Patches = Must-Have Jeans


For me Rag & Bone's skinny ripped jeans with the "of-the-moment" buffalo plaid patches are a definite no-brainer! I already own these jeans without the patches so I know they'll be a good fit. (FYI...Rag & Bone's skinny jeans are the best fit) I'm loving the buffalo plaid accents scattered just-so throughout the jeans. These jeans are amazingly cool and I'd actually … [Read more...]

We’ve Got You “Framed” So You Might As Well Shop “Frame Denim” Right Here!


Frame Denim has been on our #trending list for quite a while now. We own and have lived in the Forever Karlie flared high-rise jeans as seen above. "This figure-slimming pair sits high on the waist and is fitted through the hips and thighs". The Forever Karlie flared jeans in my opinion...make you look skinnier. (I'll try anything) Although we've blogged about Frame Denim since … [Read more...]

Hard to Believe that Dumping Icy Cold Water on Your Head Could Be So Chilling & Fun!!!!


Actually it was a lot of fun!!!! (I've never seen anything like this) The reason I say "fun" is because in all the videos I've watched there's been laughter, screaming, jumping up and down, chills, teamwork and more! The "dunkers" and the "participants" were having tons of fun raising awareness for ALS. Many were chilled, perfectly coiffed hair was ruined, clothes soaked and … [Read more...]

Ready for “Cool” Isabel Marant Etoile & The Normcore Trend


The other day we excitedly explained the new term/trend "normcore" to our readers. Normcore is setting the style and we're thrilled! To refresh your memory...normcore is used to describe the "new normal" of dressing...looking cool while maintaining a comfy everyday style. You're basically looking fashionable without really trying. The trick is not to look sloppy in comfy … [Read more...]

Shop Our Latest Whimsical Craze…Edie Parker’s Fabulousness in a Box


Enjoy "FABULOUSNESS" in a box! (back to using our made-up word!!!!) We're having so much fun shopping our latest bag craze. We've been featuring Edie Parker Clutches on A Few Goody Gumdrops for the past two years! Brett Heyman the founder and designer of Edie Parker bags has so many whimsical looks you'll love. The shapes are simple with super fun motifs. We especially love the … [Read more...]