Fornasetti Luxury Home Accessories


Whimsical or Weird? Beauty and Art are in the eye of the beholder. Fornasetti is definitely offbeat but there's something uniquely intriguing about his designs. I have Fornsetti pieces all over my home. They're eye catching accessories even if the motif does shock people. My friends have asked me, "Why would you buy a plate with a design like that? I guess I'm drawn to the … [Read more...]

Fornasetti Will Take Your Trash!


As you know from previous posts we're obsessed with Fornasetti luxury home decor...candles, plates, pillows, vases and trays. We just stumbled upon Fornasetti's black aluminum Farfalle waste basket with the multicolored butterfly motif. You may also like the black Pennini Paper Wastebasket decorated with fountain pen tips. (making my mouth water for pasta...Farfalle and … [Read more...]

Gourmet Chocolate from Barneys New York


The last few days all we've been talking about is fashionable holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. What we've neglected to mention is one of my favorite holiday gifts...candy and cookies. (I could dish (no pun intended) about candy all the time) Many of us are invited to holiday dinners and parties. My favorite hostess gifts are gourmet chocolates and goodies from … [Read more...]

Mohawk, Ombre and Spiked Are Not Just Hairstyles…View Our Shopping List!


Still trying to find some "girlie" Holiday Gifts for that special someone? We've compiled some adorable (and practical) and pricey designer (but doesn't break the bank) stocking stuffers, Chanukah and Christmas gifts.Who wouldn't love something from the Valentino Rockstud Collection? We would!!! The Valentino Psychedelic Rockstud Camo Zip Pouch is the perfect nylon must-have … [Read more...]

Treat Your Feet to Kate Spade Slippers


Not only are these slippers adorable and sooooooo comfy...they're perfect holiday gifts and stocking stuffers! Just slide these playful slippers right in to a Christmas stocking or on your feet. Kate Spade's slippers are beyond cute and the perfect complement to PJ Salvages's jammies. (we shared those comfy flannel PJs yesterday) Both the slippers and the Jammies make perfect … [Read more...]

Roaring to Wake Up & Enjoy Your Coffee


I don't know about you...but I love lounging around my house in pajamas especially on a stress-free Sunday morning. Nothing's warmer or cozier than having a fire going, drinking your tenth cup of coffee, reading the fashion page of the New York Times and relaxing in flannel animal print-inspired jammies while your hubby is making breakfast. PJ Luxe's Salvage leopard or zebra … [Read more...]

Mrs. Claus on Your Paws


While I've quickly amassed my own stash of dazzling Edie Parker acrylic box clutches, I'm eyeing this pearlescent red one for my collection. This one in particular is perfect for the holidays. Are you ready to partayyyyy? I probably wouldn't use much after December but it's holiday time and way better way to say "I'm enjoying the holidays" than with a glossy red and glitter … [Read more...]

Kenzo’s Oversize Coat


One of my favorite coats has taken a drastic markdown...don't even know if it will be available by the time this post is set to publish. How incredibly cool is this virgin wool blend oversize coat from Kenzo? The lines and simple detailing are totally cool. There's no time to dray...if you love this coat. You'll have to move quickly. (there aren't many left)  The coat features … [Read more...]

AFGG Pairs Lanvin, Moreau & Kim


Just wanted to share a few of my favorite goodies this season. In our humble shopping opinion they're definitely worth the splurge $$$$$. FYI...we've only chosen pieces that can be worn for seasons or years to come. If you're going to splurge, classically stylish is the only way to go. Loving Lanvin's black mohair coat with draped lapel (there's a shorter … [Read more...]