Drape, Wrap, Twist and Go!



Love Quotes Scarves continue to be one of our favorite pop-of-color accessories. They’re made of Italian Linen/Viscose and feature 4 inch hand knotted tassels. Love Quotes scarves are easy to wear, so comfortable and always look great. They’ve became an outfit “staple” synonymous with “wrap, knot, twist, drape and toss”. They come in a variety of fabulous colors such as this season’s hot color Glade (mint), Flamingo, Sunshine and Vibrato.

Scarves can be worn anytime of year and have become a fashion favorite for almost every chic fashionista. Pair with everything from jeans to evening wear. They’re just so versatile and reasonably priced…so you can get one, two or three! Perfect for a chilly night, covering the bulging tummy or looking fabulously chic. Fling and Go!!!!!!! 10% Of net profits are donated to international charities. Click the bright colored links to indulge.


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