Healthy Eating, Purple Peppers & Lots of Hydrangea


I’m always inspired by healthy eating especially when it comes to vacations in breath-taking places with our (diet-conscious) close friends. However, there’s the occasional get me to a candy store in town quick…”I need something really fattening”. Enough of this healthy crap! As much as we really enjoyed eating healthy…we needed our sugar fix, too. As you can see the fashions were totally casual. The most fashionable items were my Linda Farrow sunglasses and my Verdura Criss Cross Cuff which I never take off.  Very little make-up, too!

We were just on the ever-so cool and relaxing island of Martha’s Vineyard. (We did not see the Prez) My hubby and I were totally inspired by all the healthy eating and exercise we observed throughout each day by our friends! We even felt compelled to don bike helmets and go bike riding. Much to our surprise…we peddled at an acceptable pace. If this trip didn’t finally teach us to eat healthy and exercise…nothing ever will!

I do consider shopping an exercise for a two-fold reason:
1. Shopping is an exercise in good judgment to buy or not to buy!
2. Shopping is an exercise that requires lots of walking from shop to shop and then some!
There truly wasn’t anything not to love about this fabulous vacay with our very close friends! Great company, fabulous food, tons of laughs, amazing accommodations, an abundance of purple peppers and a whole lot of instagramming!

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