Purrrrrrrfect Charlotte Olympia Clutch for The Kitty Cat Flats!


The Kitty Cat flats go “purrrrfect” with Charlotte Olympia’s Pandora Perspex Clutch, which features a similar kind of patterning (no kitty, though!).This spider clasp clutch is embellished with iridescent crystals…the perfect carrying option for a young executive or soon-to-be-CEO. The clear box clutch comes with three interchangeable pouches (leopard, black and gold) to match “the outfit and shoes of the day.” The shoes and the clutch together are equal parts playful, sexy/mysterious, and surprising. One of the challenges of “dressing to impress” is finding the right balance between “getting a little out there” and “taking it too far.” You can easily miscalculate! For instance, smiling kitties or on your toes or a spider on your bag may be “too out there” for more conservative women. But they do hit that perfect zone for many budding fashionistas!!!!

More good news: you don’t have to be a “kitten” to pull them off. “Cougars” can do just as well with these flats. Whether you’re looking to rope a 20 something stud at an upcoming art gala or simply impress a client at a key industry event, these Charlotte Olympia products will do you proud. Lighten your load and enjoy a little frivolity. Who knows, you may even “catch a mouse,” so to speak hint, hintthanks to these playful and creative fashion pieces. Click the link to indulge!


By: Adam Kosloff

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