Mou’s Shearling Boots Are Comfy and Apres-Ski Chic!

After Thanksgiving our feet can be found right where they belong….in Mou’s warm shearling boots! These ever-so comfy boots are the perfect tall boot for late fall, winter and early spring. Mou’s wool and shearling boots are both cozy and cute.They come in the essential black or in a gorgeous light-taupe shade.These boots are perfect for a cold day paired with leggings, a warm sweater and a great puffer. Your toes will thank you!

Once you start wearing a shearling boot…you’ll never want to take them off. Click the link to indulge comfort and style. We’re so glad to ditch the un-comfy designer leather boots and finally start wearing a look that’s both fashionable and comfy on our feet. Mou’s shearling boots are the best gift to our feet. For the ultimate Aspen chi chi lookpair with Belstaff’s Banbury shearling and leather gilet with Mou’s light taupe boots.


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