Jeffrey Campbell’s Studded Bootie or Weapon?

I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen often! Is Jeffrey Campbell trying to piss me off? These booties are beyond words.They’re considered fashion forward. Does that mean… one step forward and you fall fashionably? The Shadow Shoe in Black/Silver looks more like a weapon than a shoe. Can you imagine someone smacking into you wearing these. Ouch! That hurts. Breaking skin, gushing blood and stitches.(maybe even a tetanus shot) Not to mention how will the “wearer” work the room in these? Balancing looks like it’s going to be a major problem as the shoe appears to tip you forward with no visible heel to help. Do not drink alcohol while wearing these ankle breakers!!!!

The booties features a 7″ invisible heel (duh) and a 3″ platform. I’m older than many of my fellow fashion bloggers and consider myself “hip” and “edgy” but these shoes are obviously futuristic, a joke, this season’s fugliest or sadly I just don’t get it. How do you walk without a heel? Will someone clue me in?????

I just love the (no) heel. I think J.C. is just goofing on everyone. I guess you could pair them with an invisible dress or Finders Keeper’s Let It Rain Maxi Dress…another weird piece. I’m sure I’ll hear from someone in the J.C camp  telling me “how off kilter I am” and in fairness I will post any comments. Are these a must-have? If so click the link to indulge. Hope you don’t fall over or kick someone!



  1. says

    Well crap Betsy, I was hoping you’d clue me in ……Has anyone out there seen somebody walk in these in public or on the runway, anywhere??!!??!! I keep seeing them in ads and such but not in any street photos or on the “girls” at my local mall etc etc etc hahaha
    Aging minds want to know……..

    • bea says

      i saw a young gay man wearing those. he struggled to walk in those and at some point was holding to his partner for dear life. the shoes looked good though – very fashion forward.

  2. Liz says

    A former co-worker of mine had these, I didn’t see her walk in them, but I did ask, and she said it was easy, and went into the details of how your foot moves when you walk (over explaining much)… I do want them though, or at leasts to try them on :)

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