Where’s The Rest of Jeffrey’s Campbell’s Shoe?

At first glance I thought this was a joke.There’s no heel on the shoe. (WTF????) Then I realized this is for the fashionista who wants to test her balance in a bar after a few drinks.This ankle breaker is beyond awkward looking. Campbell’s Peep Toe will definitely not be flying off the shelves rather you may be flying on the floor.That’s “fashion-forward” for ya!

What was Jeffrey Campbell thinking….How to look foolish? Has he ever tried walking in his own shoes? Campbell’s Peep-toe Wedge Sandal features an ankle strap and wooden platform sole with a 7″ invisible heel! Do you pair with an invisible skirt? Thankfully there is an ankle strap so when you trip and fall the shoe is still on! These are not trendy or edgy…they’re just awkward looking.

However, if you’d like to add these to your wardrobe click the link to indulge. Be sure to check out Campbell’s other trendy selections. His shoes remind us of Camilla Skovgaard’s very edgy and weird style shoes.


  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Some things are edgy, and some, just an accident waiting to happen. But a preventable accident in this case!

  2. JESSICA says

    A very good friend of mine works for Jeffrey Campbell. Just wanted to clear the air. These shoes are an optical illusion. They are constructed to function exactly like a normal wedge. Because of the cut out in the back of the wedge, it looks like there is no heel, when really it is just a cut out wedge that gives this illusion. The bottom of this shoe is the same size as any other JC wedge (I measured it!!) In fact, if you were to try a pair on without looking you would have no idea that the shoe was “heelless”. Also if you put a ruller from the bottom of the wedge, to under the heel at 90 dg, it is just slightly recessed from the back of the heel, making balance super easy!

    PS– This was in the top 3 sellers for their spring line. The shoe is doing just fine. You should give it a chance!

    • says

      Thanks for your feedback on this shoe! This would be useful information for anyone buying these wedge platform sandals. The problem for us is the construction of the shoe looks awkward but we have posted your comment to be fair. AFGG


    I totally agree. Jeffrey Campbell shoes is the leading shoes out right now. Floridian female love them especially in Orlando Fla. No he was not thinking how to look foolish. He were thinking how to look stylish. They are really comfortable.Ms. Betsy you should try them.

    • says

      Thanks for your opinion, Shantae. I am always happy to receive and post comments that are different than mine. I am glad you are enjoying Campbell’s platform wedges. The design is not for me as I have stated.Thanks for your useful comments to help our readers make a fair choice. Xo, Betsy

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