Ankle Bootie or Shark’s Mouth?

Am I missing something or is the boot missing something???????? They look like a shark’s mouth on a platform with a cropped haircut!Tell us….would you wear these booties?
Actually, I think I would be afraid to walk in these booties. I love edgy but these are so over the top… they’re ugly! if you love these Ankle Wedge Booties by Viktor & Rolf click the green link to indulge. These must-not haves are a mere $825.00…Oh… but they do have fur detailing. That must make them ever-so worth the price. Women Designer Shoes at SSENSE.COM


  1. La Petite Anglaise says

    I'm not going to lie, I probably wouldn't ever wear these. But you have to admit, they're pretty amazing? From a non-commercial point of view, these boots are fashion-as-art and offer some kind of insight into the bizarre mind of the designer responsible… Either that or Victor & Rolf are having one big joke at our expense. X

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