It’s Black Tie Optional from Lipstick Queen. Their Newest, Sexy, Elegant and Very Sheer Shade…Black Sinner Shine and Black Sinner Lipstick. Black Sinner Shine and Lipstick Are So Sheer They Can be Worn on Their Own for that Intriguing Look. Think Black Lace for the Lips! Black Sinner Shine Can Go Over Any Lipstick to Create Depth and a Great Finish. Try Pairing with Medieval Dark Red for a Sexy Look. Either Way,You Won’t be Over Dressed.You Can Keep Sinning All Night! RSVP to Cara at 212 564 3200 and Get Your Name on the Sinner’s List. Black is the New Pink, Red & Coral? Visit Black Sinner Shine and Lipstick at Barneys NY. Black Tie Optional is Definitely Not Just for Halloween!


  1. Anonymous says

    I’m super psyched for this to come out!
    I’ve been hearing good things!!
    It’s the one wearable black out there! I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Anonymous says

    I tried this on at a department store, its amazing. The ysl one is very black, but this one gives a tint of blackish grey gloss over a lipstick! Its going to be so hot for fall ( : Alli

  3. Anonymous says

    Have you tried this color? Is it very sheer by itself? Anxious to know if I should buy it? The YSL gloss in this color is alot of coverage.I would prefer a very sheer black gloss.I’ll check back. Thanks

  4. longge says

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