Are You Getting Spooked with Whimsical Accessories?


This week Shopping and Goodies is featuring a designer collaboration, a quirky collection, "wrapped" up a fabulous interview and shares a "yawning" celeb tidbit. When it comes to being "in the know" and getting the best shopping tips...Shopping & Goodies is your guide. I'd start reading what the hippest and most fashion-forward fashionistas to say. Be Voguish shares the … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Designer Logos and Flared Jeans?


Shopping & Goodies is always on trend with the latest designers and styles. Guess which designers are splashing their logos on everything from tees to backpacks this coming spring/summer 2014? If you guessed Lagerfeld, Versace and're on the right track! Military green is one of the hottest colors this season...everything from ankle booties to nail polish! Are … [Read more...]

Paris Fashion Week, Doc Martens & Military Green


Shopping and Goodies is trending the latest goodies from Paris Fashion Week. We're sharing the funkiest collection of sandals for spring/summer 2014 from Balmain, Givenchy, Celine, Chloe and more! Will these fashion-forward sandals from our favorite designers be a hit? If you're ready to look "pretty in pink" you'll love Miu Miu's whimsical bag straight from the Paris runway. … [Read more...]

Bags, Bodies & Denim


Shopping and Goodies shares the latest rage in denim, bags, shoes and more! Now that fall is here, it's time to shop the hippest fashionistas on the net. We're loving Dolce's latest leopard print bag, Frame jeans as seen on Miranda Kerr and the newest shoe collection for Shoe Mint. Guess which shoe-loving blogger was in on the design! We're sharing the latest handbag & shoe … [Read more...]

We’ve Got You “Bagged”


Shopping and Goodies is ready for fall with some ultra-trendy looks. We're sharing two fabulous luxury handbag designers you'll definitely want to carry this season...Maison Moreau and Loewe Flamenco. Peter Pilotto is now collaborating with Target combining complex prints in a palette of blues, greens, warm reds and oranges. Are you trending the cool marble-pattern look yet? … [Read more...]

Citrus Lips, Emerging Trends and Tattered Shawls


Shopping and Goodies is all aglow (in-the-dark) with the latest spring trend...bright, citrus tinted lips! Is that a beauty must-have for you? We're sharing this season's latest wraps from chic Missoni to tattered Demobaza. Great options for chilly nights. Guess who is behind the fabulous shades in this photo? It's none other than shoe honcho, Jimmy Choo. You'll love this … [Read more...]

From Megaphone Chic to Plucked Eyebrows!


Shopping and Goodies is getting ready for fall with fashion-forward pieces from Vince, Charlotte Olympia, rihanna and Lovers + Friends. We're sharing this upcoming season's hottest trends. We're loving Olympia's "fashionably late" accessories, Lovers + Friends sporty clothing and rihanna's funky camouflage collection with a strong 90's urban vibe! Shopping and Goodies is always … [Read more...]

Barbie Gets a Make-Over!


Shopping and Goodies is inspired by three designers who are giving Barbie a magical make-over!  We're featuring Diane Kruger's interesting thoughts on flaws and perfection. She certainly doesn't have any! Guess who is launching online shopping on the heels of Paris Fashion Week and we couldn't be more excited! We're also sharing a blogger style challenge featuring gold … [Read more...]

We’re Getting Fancytastic for Fall Right NOW!


Shopping and Goodies is on trend with the latest scoop, gossip and a major fashion faux pas. Two of our favorite designers are making fashion headway with Lady Gaga's costumes. Totally awesome! Guess which celebs have flashed their panties in public? Are you a shopaholic? If so, we have your newest BFF and it's an app! Are you ready for fall with Givenchy's bright color bags, … [Read more...]

We’re Buzzing About Beauty!


Shopping and Goodies has the scoop on the latest beauty and fashion trends! We've even "eyed" a beauty faux-pas! We're so excited to share Marc Jacobs beauty collection and Elure's amazing lightening lotion. really works!  Are you ready to go gold? Check out Balmian's shimmering metallic looks. I'd start reading what the trendiest fashionistas have to say. Now you know … [Read more...]