‘Pop Art’ Meets ‘Disco Fusion’ Meets ‘Blade Runner’ Couture? Christian Louboutin’s Metallic-Leather, PVC and Suede Sandals Confuse…But Also Delight!


What are the roots of Christian Louboutin’s Dufoura metallic-leather, PVC and suede sandals, from a fashion-historical perspective? Depending on how you view these pretty neon red platform heels, you can see elements of: • Andy Warhol’s Pop Art movement; • Disco couture; • Modern fashion fusion couture; • Blade-Runner style futuristic couture; • Much more! The … [Read more...]

She’s Got Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (and Everywhere Else, Too, Apparently!) Giuseppe Zanotti 200MM Swarovski Covered Suede Wedges


A choice stands before for you: do you pay the mortgage this month, or do you invest over $2,000.00 in a pair of stunning Italian wedge heels? If you're cash strapped, your answer should (hopefully) be: “perhaps, in 2014!” But if you've earmarked some petty cash to spend on fashion, pay close attention to these phenomenally pretty Giuseppe Zanotti 200MM Swarovski covered … [Read more...]

Has Success Gone to Charlotte Olympia’s Feet?


While reviewing Charlotte Olympia's shoe collection I had to share (what I personally think are) some of the worst looking shoes for this upcoming season. The Kitty Cat slipper, (absolutely hate cats) while hardly a favorite of mine, now features the Tessa Cat-Face with a gigantic platform wedge and ankle strap, the next shoe, the Gigi Fringe Wedge Sandal looks like a shredded … [Read more...]

Gisueppe Zanotti’s Extreme Platform Pumps or Doorstops?


While I typically love Giuseppe Zanotti's shoes...the recent pairs I've seen are bizarre. Remember when Zanotti made those simple yet chic gladiator sandals in metallic leather? Giuseppe Zanotti's Extreme Metallic Platform Pumps with the squared off toe look like a GIGANTIC doorstop or a ginormous tap shoe. (remember the store Think Big?) Not sure why any designer thinks a shoe … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Campbell’s Studded Bootie or Weapon?


I'm speechless and that doesn't happen often! Is Jeffrey Campbell trying to piss me off? These booties are beyond words.They're considered fashion forward. Does that mean... one step forward and you fall fashionably? The Shadow Shoe in Black/Silver looks more like a weapon than a shoe. Can you imagine someone smacking into you wearing these. Ouch! That hurts. Breaking skin, … [Read more...]

Rock Isable Marant’s Platforms With J Brand’s Floral Jeans!


One of the hottest trends this season is printed denim, and J Brand's Denim 835 printed mid-rise jeans are the perfect way to take on the trend.Even if you've been skeptical about trying printed jeans before,this reddish floral pattern is a great introduction to the trend.The feminine print is very chic and we'd pair Isabel Marant's funky Zora leather lacquered-wedge sandals … [Read more...]

Yves Saint Laurent’s Flirty Platforms Are Not All That Flirty!


Thought I'd write about a shoe that I don't really like, at all. It's a textured leather heel in biege with a contrasting dark brown sandal.The shoe is also priced at $1095.00. Any guesses as to the designer? The Flirty Platform Heels are by Yves Saint Laurent.I find this shoe very heavy looking for summer and it's hardly flirty looking.There's too much heel, too much … [Read more...]

Rick Owens Bronze Rhino Wedges


Are you looking for a pair of totally spacey and edgy wedges for this spring and summer? If you are we have the perfect fashion-forward pair from Rick Owens. Although we woudn't wear them (ankle maybe too fat) we are digging his textured leather Rhino Wedges in dark bronze. Just joking...these are too bizarre for us.These are the summer version of the Owens Short Brancusi … [Read more...]

Proenza Schouler’s Sexy Slingbacks Pack a Big Punch

Proenza Schouler Platform Wedge

Proenza Schouler's Slingback Platform Wedge is perfect for spring and summer - the tangerine shade is very hot! The platform, crafted of coated leather, sits atop a faux wood wedge heel while the adjustable halter strap will help ensure a perfect fit.The wedge peep toe sandal is totally cool and works great for daytime, evening and work. These wedges look super chic with skinny … [Read more...]

Balenciaga One Piece Wedge Is Mile High!


Balenciaga's One Piece Sandals combine edgy and chic. Comfort? We'll get to that in a minute. We love the rope detail, the high platform wedge and the slingback. The sandals feature a leather open toe platform with an adjustable ankle strap. My daughter bought them. (Why am I not surprised!) She always has her eye on the latest trend. I thought these would look fabulous with … [Read more...]