Balenciaga Wedges Keep Your Ankles Happy


Lately, I've been looking for open toe shoes that have a wedge due to an Achilles tendon problem. Hard to believe but a wedge is the most comfortable shoe to help with this nagging ankle problem. While on my typical hunt for chic and comfy I rediscovered Balenciaga's shoes and fell in love with their wedges. Although I haven't been a fan of their handbags (passe in my book) for … [Read more...]

Birkenstocks Are Back!!!


If you're salivating over owning a pair of Birkenstocks again from your hippie dippy days...they're back, they comfy and they're on sale. These fabulous Birkenstocks are from Parisian designer, Isabel Marant's' Spring 2015 collection. They're totally cool and perfect for wearing with your casual everyday looks. We love the detailing and Marant's funky take on the seemingly … [Read more...]

Treat Your Soles to Soludos


If you're on the "coveted" wait list for the Chanel espadrilles, you maybe waiting for a while! It's not so easy to snatch a pair of the $650 must-have cotton of-the-moment flats with the iconic CC logo. For those of us who are unable to get on this "now closed" list, we have an adorable back-up espadrille! Thankfully, it's a lot cheaper by hundreds of dollars and just as … [Read more...]

Casadei’s Sparkly Embellished Sneakers!


I'm totally into the much-needed sneaker craze! Anytime my feet can be pain-free and comfy I'm all for that. Casadei's embellished lace sneakers with the sparkly crystals, studs and beads are the hottest trends for your feet this spring and summer. They combine glamour, sophistication and comfort. Perfect for dressing up a casual outfit or keeping it chic with tattered cropped … [Read more...]

Rocking Valentino’s “New” Espadrilles


  When I was growing up, my mom wore espadrilles...Jacques Cohen (made in France) to be exact! They came in every color and were oh-so-comfy! (priced really well, too) I was so excited when I was old enough to get a pair. They were very simple looking (Navy with no embellishments) but very trendy for their time. Fast forward....decades later and espadrilles are hugely … [Read more...]

Isabel Marant’s Leather Studded Sandals Are a Spring/Summer Must-Have!


This is officially my favorite (effortlessly chic) shoe of the season! The Jaeryn studded leather sandal by Parisian designer; Isabel Marant is beyond amazing. Marant's sandals in black or burgundy are the perfect spring-summer wardrobe staple while being aesthetically cool. Mine are ordered (in black, of course) and for the first time in years...I don't care if they're … [Read more...]

Instep with Prada’s Casual Slip-On Sneakers


The last few years, I've decided to be much kinder to my feet. In the past, I've squeezed my poor feet into uncomfortable Louboutins, tortured them in Valentino Rockstud heels and endured numerous blisters in (had-to-have) Chanel flats that were too short. No more! My feet deserve the same respect as my other limbs. Who would have thought I'd give up trendy and cool for … [Read more...]

Finish The Look with Lanvin Ballerina Flats


Honestly, if I didn't know better, I'd think the model was me except for the fact she has no wrinkles on her neck! She's wearing my daily "effortless" uniform. I have the Lanvin ballerina flats (without the pearls), and they're THE most comfortable flats I've owned in a long time. The inside is cushioned, and the flat features elastic edges for extra comfort. They're a pleasure … [Read more...]

Stan Smith for Adidas is Back….So Is the Latest Version by Raf Simons


When I was growing up, playing tennis, everyone wore Stan Smith Adidas (white and green) low-top sneakers. Fast forward (some 30 plus years...decades ago) and they're back! Remember the adage, "what's old again is new." This time (Adidas x Raf Simons ) they're much pricier, colorful and have a perforated R logo. What's the R logo stand for? Well...Raf Simons, designer … [Read more...]

Dominate with the Gladiator Look with Marant, Weitzman, Casadei & Filareskia


5 Gorgeous Sandals from Casadei, Isabel Marant, Stuart Weitzman and Filareskia. As winter thaws to spring, women all over the country – in particular, the snow-logged northeast – are anxious to chuck the boots and mittens for more freewheeling, ambitious outfits. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of five chic gladiator-inspired sandals. Let’s take them one by … [Read more...]