What’s Up With Tony the Tiger? Whimsical or Weird?


Whimsical??? Nostalgic??? Moronic??? I'm becoming somewhat exasperated by the "two thousand dollar plus" price tag on what I call "moronic-looking bags". It wasn't bad enough when Moschino featured MacDonald's Golden Arches on Chanel-inspired handbags...now we have Anya Hindmarch being inspired by a bit of childhood nostalgia with Tony the Tiger. We also can't forget … [Read more...]

Givenchy’s Tote is “Favelas”


Give me a tote over a handbag any day of the week. While I love so many of the spectacular handbags out there...I'm more comfortable carrying a lightweight tote. Maybe it's age related??? I'm totally obsessed with the Givenchy Favelas 74 Tote. The best is...I can shove so many things in a tote and it's still so easy to carry. I have Goyard Totes lined up in my closet and I'm … [Read more...]

Givenchy’s Ferocious Rottweiler Bag Is All Bark & A Lot Of Bite


I'm having trouble understanding why anyone would buy a tote bag with a picture of an "effing" Rottweiler on it. I don't know if I'm more freaked out by the ferocious dog or the bag. I'm not a dog lover but my biggest question remains....what was designer, Riccardo Tisci thinking when he doggedly designed this bag? Hard to believe this Givenchy has been around since 2012 and … [Read more...]

Valentino’s Camouflage Tote Is Anything But Subtle!


Lately everything Valentino touches turns to camouflage and we're right on board! Valentino's camouflage tote is not only a fabulous bag to carry...it has a neon leather reversible lining so you can use the bag either way...camo or brightly colored. "This gorgeous and surprisingly rich fashion concoction features neon leather lining, platinum ruthenium metal hardware and … [Read more...]

Need to Camouflage Your Love?


The dreaded/beloved holiday known as Valentine’s Day approaches. To that end, let's check in with Italian designer Valentino, who's recently released a curious and sexy collection of camouflage goodies. These treasures include: Valentino’s rockstud canvas and leather clutch; a camouflage silk twill caftan top; a rockstud canvas and leather tote bag; and leather camouflage … [Read more...]

It Is SO Easy to Be Green with These Fabulous Military Inspired Pieces!


Kermit The Frog's plaint, “it’s not easy being green,” most certainly does not ring true this fall season. In fact, army green is all the rage, and fashionistas are taking notice. Consider this wonderful green outfit as a template for your fall fashion shopping. 1. Balenciaga Papier Ledger Serpent Hologram Tote Bag. This sumptuous 14-inch by 14-inch by 4.57-inch … [Read more...]

Maison Moreau…New Line at Barneys! Absolutely Luscious Leather Bags


If you're not “up” on Maison Moreau, perhaps you ought to be.One of Barney’s newest lines, Maison Moreau, has been creating sartorial delights since the middle of the 19th Century. The French bag maker and saddler is known for hand-worked pieces and timeless, simple designs. Let’s take a look at three of the line’s delicious leather extravagances. The Bregancon Zip Tote … [Read more...]

Bags for Women at the Top of Food Chain: Nancy Gonzalez’s Leopard Print Haircalf Tote and Crocodile & Mink Medium Satchel


You may be soft and feminine on the outside. But on the inside beats the cold heart of a predator. At least that’s how you feel, occasionally. Our ability to dominate other forms of life, quite frankly, is breathtaking. Animal rights activists' protests notwithstanding, to the victor goes the spoils. And what spoils those can be! Consider these two glorious Nancy Gonzalez … [Read more...]

Goyard’s New Color Is ?????


A few weeks ago we shared Goyard's exciting news. They were getting ready to introduce their new handbag color to their iconic selection. Most people including AFGG thought the new color was purple. We were wrong! The new color that Goyard just introduced is GREY. The perfect color to compliment the latest grey lipstick craze. (Mac's Grey Friday) Goyardine will be … [Read more...]

Proenza’s Hair Calf Tote Is Briefcase Chic!


  Proenza Schouler's PS1 Large Calf Hair Tote has been a favorite look of ours for the last few years. This big tote exudes a combination of cool, briefcase chic and stylish. I've been lucky to be handed down a gray suede version from my daughter who is now immersed in her Celine Tote. (I'm hopefully two years away from that one) The Proenza PS1 was worth the wait. … [Read more...]