Shop The Latest “IN” Beach Bag


Carrying the right beach bag is almost as important as carrying the right handbag. Some have even reached handbag price status. Just for fun, we're sharing Dolce & Gabbana's Coffa Kendra straw and fur beach bag that is currently sold out but retails for over $2000. Cute beach bag! Does that look like two thousand dollars worth of straw? Although it IS detailed with orange … [Read more...]

Nina Ricci’s Understated Must-Have Bucket Bag


If you're looking for a gorgeous spring tote, look no further. Nina Ricci's contrasting turquoise suede-lined saddle color tote is stunning, easy to use, and the most gorgeous neutral color. Ricci's versatile bucket bag works with everything in your wardrobe. The tote is also available in a stunning beige leather with a contrasting yellow suede lining. We definitely love the … [Read more...]

Proenza Schouler’s Swingy Car Washer Bag!


While I love the classic Proenza PS1 style tote bag and the versatile saddle color, I don't love the fringe detailing. The moment I had "eyes on the bag", car washer came to me! The bag just isn't doing it for me. I want to start singing the song "car washer". The shade is timeless but is the bag? There are just so many ways to reinvent the classic PS1 tote (as seen … [Read more...]

Valentino’s In-The-Fringe


If you're going to be "in the fringe" Valentino's Fringe C-Rockee Tote is fabulous, and the olive color is classically spring which is supposedly here. If you live in the Northeast (like me), we still have snow on the ground but that hasn't stopped me from jumping into spring with a new bag purchase! I love the fringe look, and there's nothing better than a sizeable looking … [Read more...]

We’re Captivated by Givenchy’s “Colors of Summer” Inspiration


It's no secret Givenchy features whimsical designs every season no matter how scary some are. Remember the Rottweiler motif? That totally freaked me out. We've gone from Givenchy's frightening Rottweiler to Givenchy's cool Favelas 74 logo (named for Givenchy's designer, Riccardo Tisci) to the sweet Bambi print and now to this season's serene floral and butterfly motif. Loving … [Read more...]

If You’re Not “Up” on Maison Moreau, It’s Time to Take Note


If you're not “up” on Maison Moreau, perhaps you ought to be. One of Barney’s newer lines, Maison Moreau, has been creating sartorial delights since the middle of the 19th Century. The French bag maker and saddler is known for hand-worked pieces and timeless, simple designs. We felt the need to repost this article from last September 2013, as the bags are garnering more … [Read more...]

What’s Up With Tony the Tiger? Whimsical or Weird?


Whimsical??? Nostalgic??? Moronic??? I'm becoming somewhat exasperated by the "two thousand dollar plus" price tag on what I call "moronic-looking bags". It wasn't bad enough when Moschino featured MacDonald's Golden Arches on Chanel-inspired we have Anya Hindmarch being inspired by a bit of childhood nostalgia with Tony the Tiger. We also can't forget … [Read more...]

Givenchy’s Tote is “Favelas”


Give me a tote over a handbag any day of the week. While I love so many of the spectacular handbags out there...I'm more comfortable carrying a lightweight tote. Maybe it's age related??? I'm totally obsessed with the Givenchy Favelas 74 Tote. The best is...I can shove so many things in a tote and it's still so easy to carry. I have Goyard Totes lined up in my closet and I'm … [Read more...]

Givenchy’s Ferocious Rottweiler Bag Is All Bark & A Lot Of Bite


I'm having trouble understanding why anyone would buy a tote bag with a picture of an "effing" Rottweiler on it. I don't know if I'm more freaked out by the ferocious dog or the bag. I'm not a dog lover but my biggest question remains....what was designer, Riccardo Tisci thinking when he doggedly designed this bag? Hard to believe this Givenchy has been around since 2012 and … [Read more...]

Valentino’s Camouflage Tote Is Anything But Subtle!


Lately everything Valentino touches turns to camouflage and we're right on board! Valentino's camouflage tote is not only a fabulous bag to has a neon leather reversible lining so you can use the bag either way...camo or brightly colored. "This gorgeous and surprisingly rich fashion concoction features neon leather lining, platinum ruthenium metal hardware and … [Read more...]