Fendi’s Ombre Wallet Is a Real “Pick Me Up”


Most of the time I'm too lazy to grab my bag when running off to do errands or meet a friend for coffee. I love the ease of just carrying a zip-around wallet. It's so much lighter than any of my handbags and it's a pleasure to carry. Can't be any wallet...has to be funky! If  I'm not carrying a handbag then I'm carrying a super-cool wallet. I'm really tired of … [Read more...]

Valentino’s Grey Rockstud Bag is a Style Setter and Worth the Splurge


Valentino is making me nuts!!!! Every time I think my "bag-mind" is made up...Valentino features another one that I'm more obsessed with. I LOVE this bag...shape, size, leather, style, color and signature Rockstuds. Valentino's grey grained-leather messenger bag with the golden pyramid signature Rockstud detailing at the seams and straps is definitely for me. #want #need … [Read more...]

My Glimmering Obsession with Edie Parker Clutches


Just last week I purchased my second glitzy Edie Parker bag. This was for my son's beach-side wedding in Newport. I wanted a black-tie bag but one that was playful and shimmering to compliment my chartreuse gown. (really tired of Judith Leiber) Found the perfect dazzling EP clutch...the Flavia Confetti Bag. Had such a hard time deciding on the bag in silver or gold. Settled on … [Read more...]

Givenchy’s Tote is “Favelas”


Give me a tote over a handbag any day of the week. While I love so many of the spectacular handbags out there...I'm more comfortable carrying a lightweight tote. Maybe it's age related??? I'm totally obsessed with the Givenchy Favelas 74 Tote. The best is...I can shove so many things in a tote and it's still so easy to carry. I have Goyard Totes lined up in my closet and I'm … [Read more...]

Anya Hindmarch’s Quirky Evening Clutches


Potato chips just happen to be my ultimate daytime or evening snack...the crunchier and saltier the better. My plate is garnished with them on many a meal. Hindmarch's playful high-shine clutches remind me of my favorite crunchy snack. In my fashionable opinion these potato chip-inspired clutches MISS the mark. They're totally fun but would you carry this PRICEY ($1595.00) … [Read more...]

Another Stunning Mark Cross Bag


I'm totally enthralled with the "handsome"  look and details of the latest Mark Cross bags. (see yesterday's post) The Mark Cross Small Grace Box with the flat leather top handle happens to be my fave! Love the bright yellow...it's fun and so summery. All the MC bags feature this gorgeous red lining. The eye-catching yellow and red combo is sure to make you enjoy opening your … [Read more...]

Mark Cross: Back Again with Four Ridiculously Handsome Looking Bags


Mark Cross doesn't need to prove his bona fides as a classic designer. For a while, MC had been seemingly “on hiatus” in the fashion world, but he has come roaring back with several exquisite new fashion confections. Feast your eyes on the following: Mark Cross Small Scottie Satchel This black calf skin dynamo features studded accents, a magnetic pocket, polished gold-tone … [Read more...]

Obsessed with Tom Ford’s Fold-Over Clutch


Spotted Tom Ford's Alix Leather Padlock & Zip Shoulder Bag recently while in NYC...and it's gorgeous. My girlfriend and I were both "obsessed" or should I say "possessed" with the desire to own this kidskin leather bag. The bag is fabulous...it's style speaks for itself. We were both so TEMPTED to buy it on the spot. Given its large price tag we both opted to wait … [Read more...]

Alexander McQueen’s Butterfly Clutch Steals The Show!


Alexander McQueen's Butterfly Knuckle-Duster Box Clutch is the epitome of all that's gorgeous! Personally, it's worth the splurge...$2,395.00 (GULP). This dramatically stunning clutch with the gold-tone butterflies will MAKE any outfit. The bag has an aura of elegance with McQueen's edgy twist and then some! The Butterfly Clutch features McQueen's signature knuckle-duster rings … [Read more...]

Valentino Continues To Get It Right!


These days almost anything Valentino can make an outfit. The last few years the Valentino Collection of bags, booties and heels have totally overwhelmed me...which one(s) should I buy! Everything from the Rockstud Square Shopper, the Pebbled Tote Bag, the C-Rockee Scarab Fringe Bag, the Camouflage Glam Flap Bag, the All Around Flap Wristlet and now the Valentino Scarab … [Read more...]