Who Is Chanel’s First No.5 Man? Can You Recognize The Voice?


On October 15, A Few Goody Gumdrops will reveal the new voice of Chanel or you can hear the first words from their first N°5 man by clicking the link and tell us who you think the mystery man is. We have provided the login and the password to watch the very short video. We think you'll have no problem guessing who is behind the voice! Login : chanel Password : voice … [Read more...]

Byredo Parfum is Perfect for Sharing with “Mister Marvelous”


We've been wearing Byredo Parfums since it arrived in the United States. We wrote about this fabulous fragrance from Sweden in 9/2008. It's still our favorite. Yes, it's a men's fragrance and we love wearing it. So chic and sexy to wear a men's parfum. There are so many cool scents and tons of ingredients."BYREDO has developed a style of perfumery that reinforces an … [Read more...]

A Few Goody Gumdrops Has The Scoop on The First Jimmy Choo Fragrance!

High Res Bottle and Package

We are elated to tell you Jimmy Choo's exciting news...the first lavishing Jimmy Choo fragrance is now at Saks Fifth Avenue counters! The sensational Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum Natural Spray launches just as the company celebrates its 15th anniversary and provides a sensual way for women to express their passion for Jimmy Choo. Now your fragrance can match your "Choos." … [Read more...]

Shop The Parfum That Is Right For you!


The New Year is a time of change and New Year’s resolutions! Everyone is trying to start the year off right. It's time to make all the changes you've been thinking about. Chic new outfits and the latest hairstyles are almost always a part of change. As we know... perfume or as the French call it Parfum is a important part of any outfit. So as the clothes change so can the … [Read more...]

Indulge In Bond No 9, Warhol and Robert Lee Morris!


We actually wrote about this last year but now this bottle comes with it's own necklace! We love Bond No 9 New York fragrances. Not only do we love the scents we love the bottles! They look so gorgeous on our perfume tray. One of our favorites is Andy Warhol Union Square/3.10z. The bottle features a limited edition Robert Lee Morris, Warhol inspired "Flowers" necklace in … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger Thefind.com Shares Her Wish List!


If you were to ask me what I want for Valentine's Day. I would be able to give you a definitive wish list. My tastes are very simple and few. Chocolate, jewelry, and handbags. Not necessarily in that order, but there you have it. Nothing makes me happier than a steaming sweet hot cup of cocoa, except maybe a new pair of Louboutins! A sip of decadent chocolate on a dreary … [Read more...]

Fracas…My Personal Favorite


I own so many perfumes but one of my very favorites is fracas by Robert Piguet. I think it's THE BEST FRAGRANCE! It's sweet, light and ever-so subtle. It's combination of tuberose, jasmine, jonquil, gardenia, Bulgarian rose and orange flower in a base of sandalwood, vetiver and musk make this fragrance a must have! Every time I wear fracas I get stopped by admirers of the … [Read more...]

Tocca Makes Scents For You!

We're loving Tocca's newest Eau De Parfum,Brigette. Inspired by Brigette Bardot,Toccas's newest fragance "evokes the intoxicating scent of a street through the Spice Markets of Provence". Brigette contains the most luscious combination of papaya, ginger, rhubarb, Moroccan rose, saffron and sandalwood.The final touch in your beauty routine! We always write about our favorite … [Read more...]