Saint Laurent Heels…Platform or Not to Platform

While I’d prefer to wear a stunning sky-high heel (pump) without a platform….I’ve decided that platforms are much more comfortable than heels without them. I’ve done the platform versus no platform test. Hands down…the platform is much more comfortable for a long evening. The drawback…one tends to feel ginormous with the extra inches and they’re typically not as sexy looking.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dressy platform and recently came across Saint Laurent’s 130MM Janis Leather Pumps and 105MM Paris Pointed Pumps! The platforms are just as chic, sexy and elegant as the simpler pumps. You can’t go wrong with either style. It boils down to your comfort level. For me…problem solved! I’m stepping out in the platforms. Click the link to indulge Saint Laurent’s Calfskin pointed and platform pumps.


  1. Christine says

    I am a platform girl!
    I’ve never been a super girly girl when it comes to dressing up in ridiculously uncomfortable clothing and shoes, as I’m already quite tall, and never could understand how girls were staying upright for an entire night in some of the outrageous pumps out there! It wasn’t until I bought my first pair of platform pumps, did I realize…”Hey I can do this too!” lol. They are much more comfortable IMO, and atleast give me a fighting chance to make through the evening! lol


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