Ready to Wear a Eugenia Kim Poodle, Fox or Kitty Scarf as the Temps Drop?

Many of us wear very simple wool or cashmere scarves and snoods during the cold winter months. We’ve found one scarf that is whimsical, comfy and warm! It’s Eugenia Kim’s looped bouclé knit poodle scarf. The Fifi Scarf…so affectionately named is made of wool and baby alpaca and drapes so perfectly. How many of you had poodles names Fifi??? The poodle scarf is so soft and cozy you’ll want to keep it on all day. We’re also loving the Foxy Scarf…for the foxiness in you!

We pair these scarves with a simple Eugenia Kim cap and you’re all set to face the dropping temperatures. You may also love the Eugenia Kim beanie we scooped about yesterday with the kitty cat ears…but def not with these “back to childhood” scarves. Click the link to indulge Kim’s animal inspired scarves. Adds lots of fun and style to your wardrobe and for all you kitty cat fans….the perfect chunky knit black wool Kitty scarf!




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