Pucker Up With Lulu’s Mouth Watering Glossy Patent Leather Clutch!


We’re loving Lulu Guinness’ totally playful Lips Clutch. It’s the perfect whimsical statement piece for any outfit.The clutch comes in a fun array of bright colors! We’ve just shared a few of our favorites.The bags are inspired from Lulu’s love of bright red lips! “Red lipstick has always been my personal trademark it conveys Glamour and Femininity, my signature painted red lips are the main inspiration behind my lips clutch bags, the clutches pay homage to the Pop Art culture.” Lulu Guinness

We love Lulu’s “mouth watering” collection.The price point is reasonable and it’s so chic to have one trendy “stand-out” clutch! We’re craving the must-have acid yellow lips! A very cool color to own. Click the link to indulge. We know these bags will put a “smile” on your face in the palm of your hand! For a real trendy take on the bag…match your nails and lips to whatever color Lips Clutch you choose. It’s always fun to own at least one jaw-dropping bag! (pun-intended)LULU0067150055700

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