Forget The Harlem Shake When There Is Shake Shack Right Near You!


I don’t know about you…but I’d much rather eat than dance. Therefore I’d rather have a meal from SHAKE Shack than do the Harlem SHAKE! Today I enjoyed a custard base shake with caramel syrup, a cheeseburger, which I haven’t eaten (meat) in almost four years, amazing fries and ketchup.This just opened up…five minutes away from my house. A tip….hide your scale for a few days!

It was delishhhhhhhhhhhhhh! However…the calorie content was way tooooooooooooooo high and I’m shaking from all the sugar. I could’ve had a another shake had my husband not pulled me out of there. Thank God he did. I must admit….I’m a little sick to my stomach as I never eat like thatwell I dobut not that kind of food in one sitting. It reminds me of my younger days…eating that same food at the drive in movies. My skinny rag + bone jeans were not feeling skinny at all. Shake Shake Shake…Shake your booty!


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