I (Un)Happily Returned the Isabel Marant Wiilow Sneakers

I received a lot of emails telling me I made a good choice returning the Isabel Marant Willow sneakers. I bought them cuz I wanted them. They were very “in” and were becoming increasingly hard to get which made me want them even more.They sat in my closet and everyday my ritual began…..I’m wearing them today, I’m looking at them in the mirror and I’m taking them off three minutes later. Maybe they will look better tomorrow….

With 28 days of sitting in my closet I knew it was time to return them so some younger fashionista could have the thrill of wearing them. At some point one needs to come to terms with what looks good for their age. (UGH) I really wanted to like them on my feet because they’re so hip and trendy but I looked liked I was trying to be cool. I actually looked uncool! Sometimes you just have to give in to your age not your fashion desires! Thanks for the emails telling me it’s OK to look my age!


  1. Wendy says

    Laura and Linda are so right !!!!
    Your one of those people that seem to always look fashionable and great no matter what your wearing !!!!

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