Orient Watch Giveway! Time Is Ticking Away…Enter To Win!

You are just in “time” to participate in an amazing GIVEAWAY! We are so excited! One lucky reader will receive a to-die-for “boyfriend” watch from Orient and A Few Goody Gumdrops. Looks great with your boyfriend jeans,too! If you are the lucky winner of this watch you can keep it or give it to your boyfriend. We suggest keeping it! To win this-oh-so fashionable automatic watch, just visit Orient’s website and tell us why you love this watch and which Orient watch is your favorite!

This oversized and totally cool Orient Automatic watch is model CEM5J005D. It’s fully automatic (doesn’t need batteries), features day-date functions, has a durable stainless steel case, band is adjustable with a fold over buckle, screw case back and is water resistant.

Orient Watch is Japan’s largest producer of automatic and mako watches and are finally available in the United States. With more than 50 years of history and an annual production of over 2 million timepieces, Orient could quite possibly be the largest watch company you never knew existed! Orient is known for it’s ability to deliver luxury features at 1/3 the price of comparable brands.

So, GIRLFRIEND, go right over to Orient’s website and tell us why you want to win this ”boyfriend” watch and which watch is your favorite! You must subscribe to our RSS Feed to enter the contest and must be from the United States. Leave a comment about this ever-so fun watch on this post using the email address you used to subscribe.The contest will run in a “timely” fashion until February 23, 2010.
Keep your fingers crossed, you could be the proud owner of one of the most exciting watch styles of the season! A Few Goody Gumdrops will pick the winner and Orient will be send the watch to you. We wish to thank Orient Watches for sponsoring this great GIVEAWAY! You are just in “TIME” to enter!


  1. Anonymous says

    My favorite is the Professional Diver Mako. I love wearing chunky big watches and this would be perfect for me. I am a subscriber to your blog and would be so excited to win this watch.

  2. Anna says

    I love all of the watches but especially this model- CDB01003T. I want a "boyfriend" watch because I dont have a boyfriend right now and I want something to cheer me up during this lonesome Valentine's Day. I think this watch will give me confidence and self-assurance :) I am your subscriber, email and RSS feed- annashoshina at yahoo dot com

  3. Anonymous says

    The Power Reserve Semi Skeleton
    watch is my favorite. All the watches are great. If I win this watch I would give it to my husband! We could share it…maybe! I just subscribed to your RSS fee. Thanks for the giveaway. Rhubyconn@aol.com

  4. Faith J. says

    My favorite watch is the Power Reserve- Roman Power Reserve from their Executive collection. I like the link band and the square face. I would love to win an Orient watch because I've read Nina Garcia's style books and an oversized men's watch is one of ten things that she says every stylish woman owns! An Orient watch would be an accessory I would wear my whole life and always be in style! Thanks for the chance to win!


  5. Damsels says

    my favorite on the site s the racing watch.
    i like this watch because it looks really sleek and sophisticated.
    i would love to win a boyfirend watch. . ive never owned a watch .. and im being serious .. it would be so great to finally have one .i already suscribe to the rss . feed
    i get emails all the time


  6. emcSquared says

    I love the Boyfriend watch because it is bold, chunky and makes a statement!!

    I also like this classic ladies watch with the black leather band: CESAA001W. It is a very classic look.

    em9499 at gmail dot com

  7. Lydia A. says

    I really like this watch! I've never owned a "boyfriend" watch before and typically go for the sleek watches, but I would love to get an oversized, bold watch! I also like the CQBEA001B Classic Elegance watch.

    (I am a subscriber)

  8. Fashion Fille says

    i need this watch because sometimes i want a silvery, more sporty watch, instead of my gold (fake) rolex! this one with a black face is my favorite!!

  9. Anonymous says

    Love this watch. Fabulous style and so cool. The Orient watches have great features.I love that they are automatic and 1/3 the price of comparable brands.I hope I win this fantastic giveaway.

  10. Jennifer says

    I receive your RSS feed.
    I would love this boyfrend watch because it is automatic! And my favorite is the womens CDB01003T.
    cspmom at gmail dot com

  11. carla | green and chic says

    I really like the CEV09002W model. I love the fact that its automatic, casual and I particularly like the strap on that model.


  12. Deb says

    I love # CRBAZ001B from the Lady Rose collection. Just beautiful!! I'd love to win this "boyfriend" watch too, basically because it is utilitarian yet still looks stylish. Plus I like that it is automatic. No more batteries!!

  13. Tee says

    Well, I would love to win the "boyfriend" watch as you so accurately call it! But I also love the Lady Rose CRPDD007W. It's so delicate in shape and color. It's really lady-like. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity! I'm subscribed to your RSS feed!


  14. nightowl says

    I would love to win the Boyfriend Watch as it is stylish and sturdy and the blue is really pretty. It's also big enough that I wouldn't be as likely to lose it when I am not wearing it.
    My favorite is the CETAE001B Multi Eyes Watch with the Red Band.
    I subscribe.

  15. MJ says

    I like the ladies' CDB01002H, it's so fun! I love that these watches are automatic- I really don't have time to always be replacing batteries! (Yes, the pun was intended…)


  16. Kiki says

    I love the CETAE001B watch…so classy! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I could really use a new watch and love the "boyfriend" one.

  17. ms.perfecto says

    what a great giveaway! i've been looking for a bf watch for the longest! i love the simplicity of the CEV09002B with the black, blue or white face!

  18. Shrimp Salad Circus says

    Besides the boyfriend watch, I really love the Ladies CDB01004W with black band and white face. What a fantastic company!!!

    griffystuff at gmail dot com

    I subscribe to your feed!

  19. May says

    My favorite watch other than this one is the Lady Rose CRBAZ002W model in the stainless steel color with the pink band on the top!


  20. Lili P. says

    Mmmm! So shiny! So classic! But the best part, in my opinion? Those sweet little gold accents on the blue background. I'd love to pair this watch with a navy sailor-inspired ensemble. And if I won it…that's precisely what I'd do! 😉

    My email is lxp3478@rit.edu.

  21. Howdy says

    I like CRBAZ001B of the Lady Rose collection. Just beautiful and practical at the same time!

    I'd love to win this "boyfriend" watch basically because it is utilitarian yet still looks stylish.


  22. DG says

    I really like #CRBAZ001B from the Lady Rose options but I would love to win the boyfriend watch as well because I think it's stylish and would make me seem powerful and confident haha :)


  23. Anonymous says

    Unlike everyone else…I would actually like to give this perfect watch to my boyfriend. He would have to share it. Thanks for the giveaway and I'm subscribed. LisaJ

  24. Judy G says

    I would love to win the boyfriend watch. It's bold and chunky and would really make a statement. The Mechanical Fashionable Circle Face Semi Skeleton is another watch I would like to own. I have a weakness for watches; a watch is a must-have accessory!

  25. Vanessa A. Johnson says

    Would love to win the bold, classy watch with all of the features of expensive watches, but cost much less without sacrificing quality and style. Love the Ladies rose gold with leather strap.

  26. Jenn says

    I'm a subscriber! I love the watch, pairing a big chunky boyfriend watch with other girly accessories is my fave. 😉 I'm also loving all the executive watches, especially the wide calendar classic model.

    Thanks for the give-a-way!

  27. Jenna says

    I am a subscriber. I would keep this for myself because my boyfriend hates wearing jewlery. It would be a great addition to my collection. I like the Orient Sky Series watches

  28. Anne J says

    I want to win this because it looks stylish and practical. My favorite watch on their site is The Orient CFM00002B, it would be perfect for my husband.

    ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

  29. harriethu says

    oooo, i love it because it's automatic, so I'll never be hassled about buying new batteries and STIll always be on time!

    would also like the CEVAD001B in the "urban collection"
    I just need a watch!!

    i subscribed, btw.

  30. harriethu says

    oooo, i love it because it's automatic, so I'll never be hassled about buying new batteries and STIll always be on time!

    would also like the CEVAD001B in the "urban collection"
    I just need a watch!!

    i subscribed, btw.

  31. Bonnie C. says

    These watches are amazing! :-) I would love to win this because I love the boyfriend style on girls (even before it was "in") :-) and who wouldn't want a great watch like this? :-) I really liked a lot of the watches from Orient's website, and one of them was the CFDAC004W.

    Thanks again for this awesome giveaway! :-) Have a great day!

    missbonniebelle at gmail dot com

  32. Candes says

    Ok this one is a gimmie, the Power reserve indicator is the best function. Working in a lab, I am lost without a functional watch. And waking up to a dead battery is the PITS.

    And my favorite is the CDB01003T, b eacause I adore the colors. And it is water resistant for the lab. Gotta luv it!

    Thanx :)

  33. fashionfrugality says

    I would love the boyfriend watch because I have been wanting a masculine looking watch for some time now. Also, I love that it is automatic and doesn't need batteries!

    I also love the ladies watch # CDB01004W.

    kkondek at gmail.com

  34. Chelsea says

    Oooh I love adding big bold pieces to a more feminine outfit! My favorite is the Ladies' CESAA001W in orange. I subscribe…thanks!

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