Totally Charmed by Katherine Kwei’s Handbags

A Few Goody Gumdrops and Luxury handbag designer, Katherine Kwei are so excited! We are inviting our readers to participate in an amazing Giveaway! One lucky reader will receive a to-die for Joyce Carry All in chocolate brown wrinkled lambskin with Kwei’s signature Chinese “Eternity” knot inspired weave with fringe.This fabulous bag retails for $625 and is one of their best sellers for the upcoming Fall 09 season.This bag is an over the shoulder bag, but can be used on a single shoulder. We love this bag! We love all her bags!

Katherine Kwei’s designs are ever so chic, funky and elegant. Kwei draws much of her inspiration from her Chinese roots. Kewi, a former publicist for Louis Vuitton, was the recipient of the 2007 award for “Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design”. Kwei’s must-have bags can be seen on a number of your favorite celebs and make a STATEMENT wherever they go!

To win this oh-so fashionable Joyce Carry All, visit Kwei’s website and tell us which CHARM from the Pre-Fall 09 Collection you would pair with this bag and why. The Charms are made from lambskin with freshwater pearl tassels and semi precious stones.The Charms were themed after Asian fruits but YOU must view them on Kwei’s website to choose your favorite. There are tons of ‘hooks’ and ‘clasps’ to hang these charms from your bag handle, your belt loop, add keys, other charms, etc… They are super fun!

A Few Goody Gumdrops will pick the winner and send the bag directly from our office to you! First, you must subscribe to our RSS Feed to enter. The contest will run for til August, 10th. So, go right over to Kwei’s website, pick your favorite Charm and keep your fingers crossed. You could be the proud owner of one of the most exciting styles of the season! The Joyce Carry All will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue in black but we love the chocolate as shown here.We wish to thank Katherine Kwei for sponsoring this great GIVEAWAY!


  1. Ashley says

    I really love the Peach Fruit Charm, I think the pale pinkish color of it would go well with the color of the purse and would be a super cute addition to it! Oh and I'm a subscriber!


  2. Deka says

    beautiful bag. maybe i'll win this time :)
    1 – already subscribe to your RSS
    2 – i like the starfruit charm best. lime green is one of my favorite colors, and it would standout again the brown leather.

  3. Lizzie says

    WOnderful giveaway I hope I win!
    i subscribe to the RSS feed and follow your blog!

    I would want the starfruit or persimmon charm, persimmon because that it my nickname for my dog Percy (weird I know!)
    Beautiful bag! Thanks

  4. kittyluvscolor says

    I would pair this bag with the starfruit, I love starfruit and it says fall to me! (awesome Giveaway!)I subscribe to your rss feed, do you have The follow button thing too?

  5. Grace says

    Wow this is a great giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity.

    I am already subscribed to your RSS feed.

    My favorite charm from the Pre Fall 09 collection is the starfruit charm because the green is one of my favorite colors. It would match beautifully with the colors of the bag.

  6. Prissy Hood Chick says

    I would pair the hot bag with the dragon fruit charm. The color is perfect and I think it would go great with the chocolaty color of the bag. I hope I win, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  7. The Giveaway Diva says

    oh you know i'm a subscriber!! i would love the starfruit charm to go with this bag because it would really make the stars pop!


  8. Linda says

    I adore this bag and would love to win it! I would pair it with the peach charm…it would look sooo cute hanging from the bag!!

  9. Anonymous says

    What a great bag! I live in Miami and the green starfruit charm would look perfect in this hot weather.

  10. Aik says

    I think the Persimmon charm is the cutest of all and will suit the bag best because of its bright colour.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  11. turboterp says

    All the charms are so pretty! However, I would pair the Persimmon charm with this beautiful bag because the charm's chunky shape and warm color works best with the bag's design. Thanks!

  12. Ellison says

    I've just subbed to your RSS feed (yay!) and I love all four of the charms! I would have to go with the dragonfruit, though. It almost looks like an adorable cross-section of penguin and would go perfectly with all the charms I'm plotting to buy when I make my trip to Shanghai in October. Squee!

  13. joannaonthelake says

    Hi there! I just think this Joyce Carry All is ultra chic and very cool! It would become my favorite "go to" fashion accessory, my new best friend!

    1. I am subscribed to your RSS Feeds through my google reader and I am also following your blog.

    2. I think all the charms are unique in their own way and each one would add a special element to this bag depending on what mood you are trying to create and my favorite is the PERSIMMON Charm because it is bright, colorful, and represents spicey hot and a touch sweet to me! Kinda of like the way I am!

    3. I sent out a tweet on twitter about this giveaway for you!! Here's the link:

    Thank you so much for the chance to enter this dream handbag giveaway. I would love to sport this on me wherever I go all the time.

  14. Linda says

    I would choose the Persimmon because it would provide a great contrast in colors.

  15. payten says

    I love the starfruit charm with the Joyce Carry All. I think the color of the bag is great with the lime green starfruit with the freshwater pearl tassel. I would love to win this fabulous bag!

  16. tinagirl says

    Katherine Kwei is an exceptional designer and I am smitten with
    the Chinese "Eternity" knots she
    uses to make her bags so unique
    and stylish. I would choose the
    Starfruit charm because it's cute & reminds
    me of a Chinese folktale that teaches generosity ( "The
    Magical Starfruit Tree") that I
    read in school as a child. How
    fitting because Katherine Kwei
    is very generous to donate this
    bag and A Few Goody Gumdrops, to
    not keep this bag, because it is so lovely!

  17. ZARA says

    This Katherine Kwei bag is a one of a kind treasure! How proud I would be to carry it on my shoulder! I'm also proud of my southern roots and since I'm originally from Georgia, I'd pick the Peach Charm! It's adorable!! Thanks for this most
    generous giveaway!!!

  18. Shooting Stars Mag says

    I would love to be entered. I subscribed to the feed and my favorite charm is the persimmon one. So pretty!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  19. Valerie says

    I would choose the "Starfruit" because it's the name of my favorite lipgloss color, and let's face it, this bag is a STAR! I'm a new subscriber to your feed.

  20. Roxy says

    I would pair it with the dragonfruit. When I lived in China, I ate dragonfruit everysingle day. I'd love to sashay down the street with this bag and the dragonfruit dangling from it. I know I'd garner a lot of attention and get conversations going about the bag and my experience in China.

    hockiemack at

  21. sunchicka says

    The Persimmon charm, caught my eye and is almost just as delectable as the bag. The Chinese eternity knots are a special touch to the bag & I know that I'd be carrying this bag around for a long time.


  22. SeptemberLovely says

    I think I'd have to go with the Peach charm. I love pink and it is just the perfect shade, plus the touch of lime green really pops on the pale pink for a nice contrast. Additionally, I think this shade of pink (and green as well) goes wonderfully with a nice rich brown, so I think it would look gorgeous on the Joyce.

  23. Kristen Sara says

    I subscribe to your feed- I had never used this feature until coming across your blog and I love it! I would pick the dragonfruit charm. I love the pink and brown colors together. My favorite!

  24. fashionfrugality says

    I would pair it with the persimmon charm. I feel the color of the persimmon with the chocolate brown of the bag would compliment each other perfectly!
    kkondek at

  25. Rachael says

    Hi! I subscribe to your RSS feed in MacMail and also on Flock… I believe I would pair it with dragonfruit as it looks so fresh! And as most people wouldn't be able to guess what it was it might start a few conversations! :)

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    beastybeatty at

  26. Anna says

    I would pair this bag with the persimmon charm. Gorgeous bag, hope I win! I subscribe to you in Google reader & via Blogger.

    annarice23 [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. Nicki says

    my heart belongs with the starfruit one!! so pretty! crossing my fingers that I win!!


  28. Michelle says

    wow amazing giveaways all the time taht you have!! I would love to pair that bag with the peach charm!! love her new charm line!!


  29. Eve says

    My favorite is the persimmon. The color is pretty and I can see it on my purses. I am subscribed.

    shopgurl101 (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. Anonymous says

    I love the Joyce Carry All with or without the charm.I am totally charmed by the peach charm if I had to choose.Great giveaway. Thanks.Stacey

  31. 1808 Days says

    I love the peach charm. Peaches are some of my favorite summer fruits, and Katherine Kwei's design is absolutely delectable!

    I also subscribed to the feed.

    daphnew20 at gmail dot come

  32. bb80 says

    i love the starfruit one, the color and shape are more classy and beautiful to me!


  33. HRP says

    The fruits are all so unique and cute, but I will pick the dragonfruit because it looks sassy and the reddish-purple / purplish-red color of the fruit is such a nice pop from the rich brown color. It is also my mom's favorite fruit (she lives in Hong Kong), so it brings back font memories :)

    I love this bag! The pearls match the silvery part of the tassels, the knots are such a nice and stunning detail that makes the bag stand out. I'm saving up for the bag… I'll be so over the moon if I win this!!! 😀

  34. Shelly T. says

    I would choose the "Dragonfruit" charm. It is very unique and I like that fact that is not a common fruit. I love the bag!!


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